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My life   story / Ehud ben Hur

I was   born in 1955 in Jerusalem Israel as the first son of Meriam and Nahum ben Hur. My mother was a graduate of the Bezalel school of art in Jerusalem were she learned special weaving in classical methods. She encouraged me with painting from a young age, my father was a professor of plastic surgery.
I did my schooling in Jerusalem and during high school I studied a combination of realistic and humanistic studies, later during the army service I became an infantry officer.
After the army I began studies of architecture in the Technion school of engineering in Haifa.
What I want to say is that I never studied art.
Today I am  married to Hadasa and we have twin lovely children by the age  of  9 years, Aviv and Yaniv. As an architect I dedicate  my  time to conservation of old buildings in Jerusalem from Muslim and Byzantine periods.

Regarding my art work, I continue to scatch and draw. I use a oil colors and also colored pencils.
I have participated in a few group exhibitions.
This is Meriam ben - hur the dear mother of ehud ben  - hur  , that encouraged me from an early  age to paint , and helped me
This is nahum ben - hur my dear father, that helped me with my work