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My life   story / Ehud ben Hur

I was   born in 1955 in Jerusalem Israel as the first son of Meriam and Nahum ben Hur. My mother was a graduate of the Bezalel school of art in Jerusalem were she learned special weaving in classical methods. She encouraged me with painting from a young age, my father was a professor of plastic surgery.
I did my schooling in Jerusalem and during high school I studied a combination of realistic and humanistic studies, later during the army service I became an infantry officer.
After the army I began studies of architecture in the Technion school of engineering in Haifa.
What I want to say is that I never studied art. But I was invited a lot in the world, including twice to the Venice Biennale and I think I contribute by what I call "looking into the body" in a way that is explained on my site
Today I am  married to Hadasa and we have twin lovely children by the age  of  9 years, Aviv and Yaniv. As an architect I dedicate  my  time to conservation of old buildings in Jerusalem from Muslim and Byzantine periods.

Regarding my art work, I continue to scatch and draw. I use a oil colors and also colored pencils.
I have participated in a few group exhibitions.
  My father, professor Nahum Ben - Hur, was the manager of the plastic surgery department  in jerusalem. He developed artificial 
skin, the first in the world, in order to treat burns. He received an important american prise for it
This is Meriam ben - hur the dear mother of ehud ben  - hur  , that encouraged me from an early  age to paint , and helped me
This is nahum ben - hur my dear father, that helped me with my work