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Explanations of my drawings and paintings

Most of my works are imaginary, and were made after hiking in the Judean Desert near Jerusalem, where I live, down to the Dead Sea, usually alone, during my high school. I used to see the typical desert landscapes: parts of shrubs and trees and flowers at their dry environment.
Another gouache painting called "disillusionment" was made after a visit to Barcelona. Other set of drawings describes my eye problem.

I want to try to explain the search in my drawings,
What I'm   trying to do is that, contrary to the usual practice of drawing figures when facing with them, like the way a camera works, I try to enter the  body, that is into the body organs themselves, under the skin, right into the organs like a microscope, I am looking for a possibility of light hope in difficult situations like the inflammation in my eyes, for example 
In my drawings I describe the "interiors   of the eye" 

inside the eye sockets, it seems impossible, but it is like a camera inside the body,
So I look through the retina
In sketches 31 and 32
Or the oval  fan body in the drawing 34, which is an element that throws light on the eye sockets and its  parts , and then sees the muscles
Around the chimney and blood vessels within it, I want to point out that this is an inner light of the body because there is no external light,

I am, as it were, inside the eyes and looking out into the world , 

I hope that explains the unusual and perhaps difficult results.

My goal in my work is to find a light in a state of difficulty, and I hope that in the future, people with other illnesses will find a way to describe them in art.

I try to draw and describe scientific subjects and call myself a science painter

I hope you will enjoy my work,
Ehud Ben-Hur

The site is dedicated to Miriam Ben-Hur (My wonderful mother with love)